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I don't have a lot of solid memories of Uncle Doug. I don't think I was even a teenager, maybe 13 at the oldest, by the time he and Aunt Sheila moved to Nevada. I do remember going to their house in Eugene once or twice a year while they lived there. I always had a lot of fun visiting. We would always make time for a couple games of horseshoes. Even while I was that young I was still competitive. I don't recall ever winning a game against him. We would go on a short hike to a hillside that overlooked Eugene. I remember there was a really good rope swing on that hill too. There was always a good lunch planned that had some homemade items in it.

Doug and Wayne Making Root Beer Kith N Kin

One of the stronger memories I have is Uncle Doug coming to visit with Jan one time. We all went camping at Oxbow park on the Sandy river. I remember him making his famous homemade root beer. It was so good! When I first drank it, I had no idea it was homemade. It wasn't until one morning after it was gone, I caught him and Jan making a fresh batch. I asked what they were doing and when he said they were making more root beer. I thought he was pulling my leg. My reply to that was you can't make root beer. When he told me that he made what we had already drank the day before I didn't believe it. I thought for sure he had to have just poured it in the cooler from another container. After he and Jan were done and I tried it, I was blown away! It was like magic.

One of the later memories was when I got married. I was surprised to see him and aunt Sheila there. I hadn't been told that they RSVP'd and was more than pleasantly surprised that they made the trip to see me get married.

I was never really able to have a lot of conversations with Uncle Doug as an adult. I do remember that while I was growing up I was always happy to see him. I always had a strong admiration for him, too. The stories I knew he could have shared from his life. I think I always felt like he was a man that made his own way and never sat around and waited for an opportunity. That's the way it seemed anyway.

By Mitchell Myrick

Marc Elliot Hall Henderson, Nevada 

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