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How do I articulate the memories I have of my Uncle Doug, when he is the one I'd turn to for advice on how to put words on paper when those words were meant for something important? I know my Uncle to have been an amazing writer, photographer, wood worker, and of course strawberry waffle maker.

My earliest memory of him was the pure excitement I had when I found out that my Uncle who lived far away in Kentucky was coming to visit. I remember waiting eagerly for him to see my new dance that I was learning for my dance recital. I must have been five or six years old at the time. I remember giving him a big hug when he arrived, and my memories of the visit are of pure joy. From that time on, I knew I was fond of him. It wasn't until I got to college in Eugene Oregon that I had the chance to strengthen that bond I felt with him. I was so happy to learn that he and Aunt Sheila had moved there just as I was beginning school at the University of Oregon. During my college years I would visit their home in Eugene on several occasions, enjoying Aunt Sheila's delicious meals and the thoughtful conversations that I will never forget.

Doug and Marilyn

We've always seemed to have enough to talk about to spend hours on end. We would reminisce about family, talk politics, religion and just about life in general. Uncle Doug was always happy to help me with composing my resume, cover letters, and more. Once when I was in college, and had a retail job, I had my personal belongings stolen from my employee locker. My purse with any little bit of cash, my driver's license, credit cards, my scarf and winter coat, and every other bit of livelihood a college student would bring to work with them was gone! For a struggling student like myself, it was a big deal and I was devastated to say the least. When my belongings were stolen I called my Uncle Doug for advice. He suggested I write to the higher-ups in the company to let them know what happened. He sat with me for a few hours to help me compose the letter. A few weeks later, I received a check in the mail from the company to cover the cost of replacing all my stolen items and not a penny less! Whether he ever knew it or not, he taught me such an important lesson that day. He taught me how to fight for the things I believe in and that I could take action.

In more recent years, I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to maintain the bond we had. We have created so many special memories at Uncle Doug and Aunt Sheila's home in Gardnerville. Together with my husband Rigo, and daughters Leila and Carmela and along with my sister Melanee and brother in-law Luke, we've shared the past few memorial weekends together and thoroughly enjoyed the tradition.

Every year we've had the chance to continue those thoughtful conversations, enjoy good food and activities. My daughters will never forget learning how to make stained glass art with Uncle Doug and cooking with Aunt Sheila which they look forward to doing every visit. It's hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that the long conversations with my Uncle Doug will have to wait until we meet again. In the meanwhile, I hope he is catching up with my mom, his baby sister and all of those who left before him. I know that when I see him again, we will pick up right where we left off.

Laughing just like old times!

With all my love ~ Mindy

Doug Marilyn Myrick Kids

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