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My memories of Uncle Doug were and are great. He was my mom's older brother and a loving, giving person.

One of my earliest memories is from a really young age. He would send a box of gifts at Christmas time when my parents were struggling a bit. He included a specialty ham and individual gifts for each of us kids. There was excitement for all of us and his thoughtfulness shone through.

Fast forward a bit—when Uncle Doug had moved to Eugene—and I was still a kid. I'd gone with my mom to pick him up and instantly saw the amazing bond they shared as older brother and "baby" sister. He met us with a terrific sense of humor—dry, witty, and sly—and a twinkle in his eye. He was fantastic!

We had fun times with him picking berries behind the Eugene house. These berries became a key ingredient in Uncle Doug's and Aunt Sheila's best-ever homemade ice cream. There were also amazing root beer floats. Tasty memories for sure!

Uncle Doug was a great coach, giving me the best technical advice for playing a brilliant game of horseshoes... not to mention a spectacular game of croquet.

I love the time I shared with Uncle Doug. I'm sure he'd want us to continue making meaningful memories, too.


Marc Elliot Hall Henderson, Nevada 

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