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I wanted to share several things that I appreciate about Doug Dill.

The first is that Doug always affirmed that it's cool to be creative and artistic. His woodcraft and his photographs are beautiful examples of his wonderful creative energy. He was truly an artist and had such a great eye for knowing how something should look.

The second thing I appreciate about him is that he indelibly captured so many moments of my life and the life of my family photographically. His ability to create these permanent records of very special moments in our lives has been an ongoing blessing.

Finally, he was my photography teacher and he never really knew it. Everything about the way he took photographs I paid attention to. The way he held the camera with both hands anchored against his body, his composition style, and his practice of getting right up into the faces of subjects is something I still use every time I take a picture. He carried his photojournalism experiences forward to capture the lives of our families. There are so many examples over the years when someone has commented to me about how amazing the photos of the family which we have displayed are, and he deserves 100% of the credit for documenting those important moments in our lives. Those images will live on forever.

By Bret

Marc Elliot Hall Henderson, Nevada 

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