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My earliest memories are that of Kith and Kin, and what a way to realize you're a part of the world. Thanks to my Grandpa Doug, and my Grandma Sheila, I learned the value in sharing nature, sharing time, and sharing space with your loved ones. To have a family tradition like Kith and Kin truly sets our family apart from so many - and has created bonds with family that haven't been broken even after the tradition wound down.

Through the lens of his camera, Doug Dill captured the beauty and vastness of the natural world we live in, and the creatures we share it with. Also through this lens he insisted on capturing group pictures of us all together, priceless pieces of unique moments in time - how family can grow, change, and adapt over the years. He shared this passion and world view with his children and grandchildren, and helped raise a generation of hikers and explorers.

Kith N Kin Group Portrait North Shore House

I am so grateful for mix of cousins that we grew up with, despite living, for most of the time, worlds away. Family is so special because you have the chance to create these shared memories, and I don't think there's a Dill, Harrison, or Hall kid that doesn't smile thinking about stirring around Grandpa's homemade root beer as it billowed dry ice smoke. How wonderfully magical hand-cranked ice cream really can be after you've been leaping in and out of the crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe. How time doesn't last longer than it does in the summer, when you have a crew of cousins, aunts, uncles, parents, and grandparents who all work together to cook and create silly activities for one another.

Doug Dill, as a grandfather, was a strong and creative patriarch for this family. He instilled so many important values in us all, whether we realized them at the time or not. He gave us the gift of family, and some of the happiest times of our lives and childhoods. I hope we take these values into our futures as we build our own lives and experiences, and may we remember to live in the present moment, and appreciate the loved ones we have with us now as much as we possibly can.

By Abbi

Marc Elliot Hall Henderson, Nevada 

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