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When I think of Doug Dill, I remember...

When I think of Doug, I will remember these memories he created for our family:

  1. Kith & Kin
  2. All of the Kith & Kin years will be a treasured gift for generations to come. Such wonderful memories of homemade Root-beer, skits and games, up at Zephyr Point.

  3. Woodworking
  4. The talent of woodworking, that was passed on to Wayne is another gift. I remember how Wayne would proudly tell me when we would visit, "My dad made that piece of furniture." or "My dad made this lamp." I know we still enjoy pieces that were gifted over the years, which will become heirlooms.

  5. Cameras
  6. Doug's love for catching the right photo actually instilled in me how to look at the world through a different lens. It was about telling the story in the picture. Not necessarily getting the angle just right, but the story it would tell. I will remember how he captured a picture of Kevin, taking a pic of Wayne and I up at Zephyr Cove during a Kith & Kin. That picture is one of my favorites of Kevin, being so full of life and in the moment.

  7. Cribbage and Pinochle
  8. I'll remember fondly all the times we played cribbage or pinochle. He was certainly a competitive player and always wanted to win. It was fun on those rare occasions when I would get just the right hand to pull ahead and win. It was his love for those games that our children and now their spouses love to play too.

  9. Diet Coke
  10. For all the times that I could remember, here is what I will remember most. Doug's last few days. I'll remember being in his hospital room with Wayne and Jan, waiting for him to be discharged home. I had bought a Diet Coke. At one point, I opened the cap to take a drink and Jan noticed Doug's eyes open wide and he turned his head. He knew that sound and he wanted to have some....somehow. I asked if he wanted to have some Diet Coke and he shook his head yes. He was like a little kid, getting a treat as he squeezed every drop of diet coke from the green toothette in his mouth. I imagine those few capfuls were the best he ever had. As I looked in his eyes, I shared with him, how that was something we would always have in common. His half lipped smile brought tears to my eyes.

The days at home, were not easy on many levels. I'll remember being there when he died... when Sheila was able to hold his hand. Doug was finally at peace and no longer needed to Fight.

Doug, wherever you may be in the universe, I hope you are having a coke and smiling knowing all is well and your legacy lives on!


Katie :)

Marc Elliot Hall Henderson, Nevada 

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