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These wonderful things would never have entered my life had it not been for Doug Dill, the love of my life. Thank you, Doug, from your beloved wife of 42 years--Sheila Dill.

Doug and Sheila walking

I would have never learned the joy of skiing! Even though it was in the Reno Junior Ski Program at Sky Tavern and I was the only adult in the ten and up class of beginners, the life-long skier Doug, pushed me to learn and so I did. I advanced to a level 4 that season, while Corbett and Andy easily passed me up to much higher levels.

I would have been satisfied with my 1976 Bachelor's Degree in Journalism as my terminal degree. With Doug's encouragement and support, I went for and attained my Masters in Journalism and Mass Communications at the grand old age of 40.

Doug and Sheila in Tiny Cowboy Hats Kissing

I wouldn't have had a daughter—Jan Dill!! The very best girl—teenager—woman—a mom of a sons-only family could ever hope and pray for! What a blessing Doug gave to me!

And, I wouldn't have enjoyed our rich togetherness volunteering at Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Northeast Oregon and at the Presbyterian Conference Center at Zephyr Cove at Lake Tahoe, Nevada. We worked side by side in field and stream and kitchen and maintenance and publications, combining our skills and experiences for free. Talk about meaningful and varied experiences lasting anywhere from a month to three months, away from home: winters at Tahoe, summers at Malheur.

True togetherness, true volunteerism, many times over.

These encounters with Doug over ten years—our true retirement—have all sustained and completed me. Thank you again, Doug Dill.

— Sheila

Marc Elliot Hall Henderson, Nevada 

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