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Grandpa taught me a lot of things when I was younger, but the two memories I have that are the most important to me, are the times he took me fishing, and the times we did magic together.

Doug Bryan and Melody on their way to catch a fish

I caught my first fish right after Kith and Kin at Lake Siskiyou. Grandpa took me down to the river and showed me his fishing secret: Pautzke's Green Label Balls of Fire. I baited my hook, and after only a few casts, I pulled in an 8 inch rainbow trout. Grandpa always knew the best places to look for fish, and he taught me the way to look for their little hiding places.

He also loved conservation and taking care of the fish, and other animals, and when I fished with Grandpa, it was always catch and release so there would be more fish for the future. He was a real role model in that area: showing me how to appreciate what the river had to offer without exhausting its resources.

Doug as Mister Magic Bryan as Mister Magic

I also remember performing magic with Grandpa. My very first magic show I performed by myself, but I had always heard stories growing up about Mister Magic, and those stories were a big part of why I started practicing magic in the first place. Grandpa first started showing me some of his magic secrets in preparation for the first show we did together our first year at Zephyr Point where we debuted as Mister Magic and Master Magic.

I learned from Grandpa to be a showman but also treasure the moments where I can just be still with nature and the people that I love. He was a great example to me of how to appreciate life and the world around me, and I regret all the things I wasn't able to learn from him and we weren't able to do together.

By Bryan

Marc Elliot Hall Henderson, Nevada 

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